Free Camera

Free-Camera-Mod in Hangar and Replays:


Version 2.12  22.08.2021

Nice add-on for HangMan (not mandatory) and usefull for screenshots, as the GUI is completely disabled in hangar.

It seems, the replay function in WoT 1.14.x is broken: As soon as the replay switches to sniper mode, the enabled FreeCam is switched off and the camera switches to sniper view. This is annoying.

As this mod is using the ingame freecam function there is nothing I can do about that.


In hangar:
- press 'toggle-keys' as defined in the config-file (default: LEFT-SHIFT + F3) to activate/deactivate free-camera-mode
- if ModsListApi is installed, you might also activate FreeCam here (lower right corner in lobby)
- pressing left mouse-button will deactivate FreeCam

In replays:
1. wait for counter to reach 0 and battle begins
2. press 'toggle-keys' as defined in the config-file (default: LEFT-SHIFT + F3) to activate/deactivate free-camera-mode, camera is now unbound from vehicle

- you can only activate free-camera while in arcade-view (= 'outside of tank')

- pressing left mouse-button will deactivate FreeCam

For compatibility switching FreeCam on and off is also always possible with CAPSLOCK + F3 (both hangar and replay), but I personally do not like that as it activates Caps-Lock.

Camera-movements (both hangar and replay):

- look around by moving mouse
- move camera:
W: forward
A: left
S: backwards
D: right
Q: up
E: down
1 to 0: speed of movement
NUMPAD2 ,-3, -4, -6, -8: rotation
... and many more, see config-file for more options


Copy .wotmod-file ('goofy67_FreeCam_x.y.wotmod') to latest mods-folder (for example current version is, so copy to 'World_of_Tanks\mods\\')

Copy folder 'configs' to 'World_of_Tanks\mods\' (NOT 'World_of_Tanks\mods\\' !). If not installed, default-system-values will be used.
Install ModsListApi (download latest from here: ) for easy access in lobby.

Version History

08.10.19: Adaption for

21.09.19: Adaption for (literally same as 2.8 as WG rechanged their scripts, new version number anyway to avoid confusion)

22.08.19: bug-fix for

06.08.19: adapted for

23.06.19 disabled ModsList-Button while in battle-queue

25.05.19: bug-fix (config wasn't loaded properly)

04.05.19: bug-fix

02.05.19: adapted for

14.10.18: bug-fix

09.10.18: adapted for 1.2.0

28.08.18: in replays: no need to press mouse-button first to activate free-camera

12.08.18: Added freecam for replays, changed location of config, removed ModsListApi from archive

28.03.18: adapted for 1.0.0

09.10.17: rewritten for ModsListApi, GUI will always be disabled, moved to .wotmod-format, removed text-message on enable and disable.

09.01.16: added colored message on (de-)activation of freecam

26.12.15: Initial release