Free-Camera-Mod in Hangar:

Nice add-on for HangMan (not mandatory) and usefull for screenshots, as the GUI is completely disabled.



Left-Shift + F3: enabe/disable freecam

W, A, S, D: Move Camera

E, Q: Move camera up and down

P: smooth camera movements (inertia)

and much more, see included XML-file.



Unpack into your WoT-folder, usually C:\GamesWorld_of_Tanks\

Version History

28.03.18: adapted for 1.0.0

09.10.17: rewritten for ModsListApi, GUI will always be disabled, moved to .wotmod-format, removed text-message on enable and disable.

09.01.16: added colored message on (de-)activation of freecam

26.12.15: Initial release