Free Camera

Free-Camera-Mod in Hangar and Replays:


Version 2.11  08.10.2019

Nice add-on for HangMan (not mandatory) and usefull for screenshots, as the GUI is completely disabled in hangar.


In hangar:
- press 'toggle-keys' as defined in the config-file (default: LEFT-SHIFT + F3) to activate/deactivate free-camera-mode
- if ModsListApi is installed, you might also activate FreeCam here (lower right corner in lobby)
- pressing left mouse-button will deactivate FreeCam

In replays:
1. wait for counter to reach 0 and battle begins
2. press 'toggle-keys' as defined in the config-file (default: LEFT-SHIFT + F3) to activate/deactivate free-camera-mode, camera is now unbound from vehicle

- you can only activate free-camera while in arcade-view (= 'outside of tank')

- pressing left mouse-button will deactivate FreeCam

For compatibility switching FreeCam on and off is also always possible with CAPSLOCK + F3 (both hangar and replay), but I personally do not like that as it activates Caps-Lock.

Camera-movements (both hangar and replay):

- look around by moving mouse
- move camera:
W: forward
A: left
S: backwards
D: right
Q: up
E: down
1 to 0: speed of movement
NUMPAD2 ,-3, -4, -6, -8: rotation
... and many more, see config-file for more options


Copy .wotmod-file ('goofy67_FreeCam_x.y.wotmod') to latest mods-folder (for example current version is, so copy to 'World_of_Tanks\mods\\')

Copy folder 'configs' to 'World_of_Tanks\mods\' (NOT 'World_of_Tanks\mods\\' !). If not installed, default-system-values will be used.
Install ModsListApi (download latest from here: ) for easy access in lobby.

Version History

08.10.19: Adaption for

21.09.19: Adaption for (literally same as 2.8 as WG rechanged their scripts, new version number anyway to avoid confusion)

22.08.19: bug-fix for

06.08.19: adapted for

23.06.19 disabled ModsList-Button while in battle-queue

25.05.19: bug-fix (config wasn't loaded properly)

04.05.19: bug-fix

02.05.19: adapted for

14.10.18: bug-fix

09.10.18: adapted for 1.2.0

28.08.18: in replays: no need to press mouse-button first to activate free-camera

12.08.18: Added freecam for replays, changed location of config, removed ModsListApi from archive

28.03.18: adapted for 1.0.0

09.10.17: rewritten for ModsListApi, GUI will always be disabled, moved to .wotmod-format, removed text-message on enable and disable.

09.01.16: added colored message on (de-)activation of freecam

26.12.15: Initial release