UI Scale

Modification for scaling user interface.


Copy wotmod file from downloaded archive to latest mods folder.


Press CTRL, ALT and Page-Up to increase (or Page-Down to decrease) scale, both work in lobby and battle,


press CTRL, ALT and turn Mousewheel (only in lobby)

You can set the scale to different values in lobby and battle (e.g. 110% in lobby and 90% in battle) 

Scale is limited to 50% min. and 200% max.

Example images (full HD 1920x1080)

Scale set to 70%

Scale set to 140% 

Version 1.3

Known issues:

Some graphics elements such as buttons may be displaced after changing the scale, should be corrected by either selecting 'Service Record', entering or leaving a battle, resizing the game window or relogin.